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Foo Fighters in Christchurch

February 19, 2015

Yesterday I went to the Christchurch Foo Fighters concert.

This concert made the local news for having 6000 people still stuck outside trying to get in when the show started.  I was not one of those people.

I went early so that I could be there in time to see Rise Against, another of my favourite bands, play the opening act.

I had huge anxiety before the concert, to the point of tears. Less than 4 hours before the gates were supposed to open I realised I hadn’t even organised how I was going to get to the venue. Luckily my supportive husband checked if my dad next door would take me and he said he was happy to.

So I made it through the cattle-yard entrance before it was crowded and picked out a nice spot on the grass, then decided to move to the front in the mosh pit to really experience Rise Against. I picked a spot beside two other Asian women who were just as short as I was, and we were standing right behind a group of really tall teenaged boys.  One of them jumped so hard during the act that a dollar in change fell out of his pocket, but I was too afraid to pick it up, and everyone else just walked over it too.

After Rise Against I went back around to the entrance and found a free water station where there were large tumblers and filtered water on offer. With my water, I went back to the grass and sat in the sun until the opening chord announced the Foo Fighters were on stage!  I picked a spot where I couldn’t really see the stage but I wasn’t confident enough to push my way back into the mosh pit, and instead I stood at the fence surrounding the cameras in the centre of the field, on top of a wire covering which made me a few centimetres taller, and contented myself with being able to clearly see, with nobody else in front of me, the giant screens on either side of the main stage.

What I didn’t realise until later in the show, is that I was actually standing at the end of the right side of the extended stage, and the security guards were not just guarding cameras but rather a part of the stage where Dave Grohl came out to, a mere once in the entire almost 3-hour show.  However, he did come to the centre of the stage end a couple of times and I got a good view of him singing Skin and Bones, and Wheels, and where he promised that the next time he came to Christchurch he’d throw a free concert somewhere open in the city like a park or a beach. Even better, I got free refills of water in my tumbler by guys who were walking around with weed sprayers full of water on their backs.

I don’t even know if I made sense in that last paragraph, I don’t think I could really describe the whole experience. It was the first big concert I have ever been to in my life and I’m over 30 now, so it was really something for me to spend $185 on a ticket, but to be able to be right up the front and close just the once made it really worth it. The amazing thing about the Foo Fighters is just how perfect they sound all the way through their concert, almost like watching the DVD except for being able to see them when they stop and just have a jam in the middle of a song and prove they are phenomenal. Skin and Bones was even accompanied by accordian!

I was able to shuffle out with the crowd and get to my pick-up point just in time as I arrived when my ride was being told to move away from the service station car park, and then I was safely transported home thanks to my husband’s best friend, Dave. My only injury other than sore calves was when my ankle became the landing site for some drunk punk’s heel when he fell into me, and he was twice my size. The rest of the time the crowd was wonderful, and fairly tame compared to my imaginings of how bad it might be. Vbase who were running the event escorted a few intoxicated people out of the stadium in front of me during the night so it seems they were keeping an eye on things. Unfortunately, the smell of weed being smoked is always to be expected and was an unpleasant extra for me.

So that was my time at the Foo Fighters concert. I’m mostly writing it down for my own memory because I think I’ll forget I even went if I don’t at least write that. I also had video and photos but I’m just too tired right now to save them and upload them. Maybe next time!

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