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Earthquake Thoughts from 2011

September 20, 2015

Excitement, perhaps I can be valuable.

Irritation at the person panicking. How do I calm them down?

How? Should I calm them down?

How serious is it really? The street has been painted red with shattered bricks. The people… There must be people who have died in this one. Aftershock. I seem to have cut my face on the computer case. It’s like the time I was in the car crash and couldn’t figure out how I cut my knee when there was nothing sharp in front of it and I wasn’t going so fast. There is confusion as to whether or not we should evacuate.

Finally the order has been given to leave. It’s easy to get up and leave. The feeling is the same as riding the roller coasters. I’m still excited, my heart is beating hard against my chest. I want to tell the hysterical woman to get a grip but I understand she is anxious and say nothing. We exit and the stree is flooding. Liquefaction, sewerage maybe. Pigeons flying, their homes against the sides of the buildings lost. Nowhere to go. It’s quiet but for muttering and whimpering. I left my things upstairs, I don’t suppose I’ll get them back? Do I go left or right? Home to family or home to love? I’m told not to take the car. It will be chaos. I leave it, forget my friends, go for love via the safest route away away from buildings still standing and down the street to where people are milling in confusion like mindless livestock unsure which way to go.

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