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About Kunovix

((Perpetual Motion Members, if you’re here because of my clues you’ve come to the right place, well done!  Scroll down for other ways to contact me.  ~KFL))

My name is Janelle McNeil.  The nickname Kunovix is a shortening of one of my aliases, Kunoichi Vixen. I don’t think it’s particularly clever or mature but it does the job of identifying me well enough.  I was born in Philippines but was adopted to New Zealand as a baby by relatives.  I’ve never lived there and don’t speak the language.

I’m in my late 20’s and I reside in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, with my husband, two cats, five rats, heaps of tropical fish, and a tropical pitcher plant.  I’d have more carnivorous plants if I had more places to keep them alive but Christchurch can be a bit cold and dry, exactly what they don’t like.  We are living in a family home with my mother-in-law while we get back on our feet financially and emotionally.  I am making the most of the freedom to cook and bake as much as possible.  My personal motto is to look for alternatives to gluten, not substitutes, so I never feel like I’m missing out or being let down by something that is not-cake or not-bread.  Right now I am not employed but I keep busy and I study Small Business Management full-time.

I am a member of an all-female vocal ensemble called Out of the Blue. I play Xbox360 games and retro games on the computer, and after suffering chronic sleepiness and pains in my tummy so bad that my doctor once thought I was going into labour, I decided to go gluten-free, which seems to have helped a lot in taking care of those problems.  I’m also mostly caffeine-free and alcohol-free, only partaking of a small amount if it’s offered to me or to try out a new flavour, and I am partial to caramel liqueur in coffee in my weaker moments.  I also like to add brandy when I’m making custard, and I suppose there are days when I just want to shop online for all the exotic teas I can find.

Writing and photography are new passions of mine and I’m exploring those a lot more with my blogs.  Personal stuff and Food Adventures go here but I also have a second blog devoted to my city called Christchurch Focus.  I really need to write there more regularly because I have heaps of content lined up and helping to promote others is something I want to do more often.

This is a place for me to speak my mind and share my world.  Please share your own thoughts by commenting, I’d love to hear from you and find it very encouraging!

Other ways you can contact me:
Skype: Kunovix
AIM: kindfoxylady
Personal Email:

  1. I love the concept of your blog, good to see another fellow Kiwi on here :)

  2. David Olsen permalink

    Hey KFL, I love that you’ve invited PM members to know more about you. Wonderful Blog:)

    • Thanks for the comment, Daneslo! I do find the ‘other’ site very restrictive and I do hope more people follow the clues so I don’t lose touch with them. Cheers!

  3. "Ame2" permalink

    Hello! Great clues – I made it here! Tried to find you on aim, but I guess being on opposite sides of the world will make it difficult to find a time we’re both online at the same time ;-)

  4. Loved & enjoyed your blog! :)

    • Thank you for so much for commenting and following! I love the topics you have in your blog and will definitely follow you in return so I can read more. =)

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